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Reaping the benefits of Essential Oils

The use of essential oils dates back to ancient times.

An essential oil can be defined as an aromatic extract which has been obtained from a plant or flower or fruit. For instance peels of citrus fruits are often utilized for deriving essential oils. The use of essential oils dates back to ancient times. However in those days essential oils were derived through pressing but in today’s world there are a variety of techniques which are applied for extracting essential oils.

Processes applied for deriving essential oils

Processes like distillation are used for extracting the aromatic and volatile compounds present in plants which are condensed again by cooling. The cooled vapors form the essential oil of that particular plant. Distillation however cannot be applied for extracting the aromatic compounds from delicate elements like flowers. Hence in this case a solvent is used for making the essential oil. The flowers are immersed in that solvent which will allow the essential oils of the flowers to be distributed within the solvent. The solvent then can be diluted either with water or some other oil. Dilution is dependent on the miscibility of the derived essential oil. If the essential oil is soluble in water then only water can be used as a diluting agent otherwise suitable oil has to be used. If the proper diluting solution is not used then it will adversely affect the quality of the derived essential oil.

The function of an essential oil diffuser

The essential oils are variously used for different purposes. It is well known that essential oils have a sweet fragrance depending upon the plant or flower from which it has been derived. A sweet smelling environment is obviously preferred by all. The task of a diffuser is to spread the aroma of the essential oil within an enclosed space. Hence using a diffuser for making the environment in one’s office or home fresh and fragrant is a great idea. Essential oils are known to relieve stress and make the surrounding air hygienic and clean. Therefore having a diffuser will make the air clean and one will be able to acquire the benefits of essential oils through simple inhalation.

Factors to be considered while purchasing a diffuser

While purchasing a diffuser one should understand the features of that product. A fair idea about essential oil diffusers can be gathered from the diffuser reviews. But still whenever one is going to use a particular diffuser then reading the guidelines present with the device is very important. Different types of diffusers suitable for a variety of functions are available in the market. The choice of purchasing a particular diffuser will definitely depend upon the customer. The individual choice is dependent upon the reason behind the usage of essential oils. If essential oils are to be used for making the atmosphere within one’s residence or office fragrant then purchasing a diffuser that will spread the fragrance of the oil by heating it will serve the purpose. However if one wants to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy or requires sound sleep then a different diffuser that will not make any sound while dispersing the mist of essential oil is more suitable.


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