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Create Natural Dynamic and Multi Screen Presentation Through Multi Monitor Software of IntuiFace

With screens everywhere possible—including people’s hands and pockets—audiences have become distracted multi-taskers whose minds are prone to wandering at the sight of yet another flashing display.

With screens everywhere possible—including people’s hands and pockets—audiences have become distracted multi-taskers whose minds are prone to wandering at the sight of yet another flashing display. This is exactly what makes it difficult, not so much to capture people’s attention but keep it long enough to deliver the message you wish to impart to them. Thus, the need for multi-monitor software programs like IntuiFace. 

Marketers, business presenters, brand image managers, and advertisers should design communication strategies and techniques with distracted audiences in mind. Maximizing the use of modern technology to create presentation environments that cater to the discerning demands of audiences will help you achieve the level of engagement that you desire to capture. This is possible with the use of cutting edge software technologies like IntuiFace. IntuiLab’s highly advanced presentation program is designed to help you create interactive multi-media experiences for multi-monitor displays in a no-code, user-friendly design and build environment. In today’s screen dominated world, you need device and screen agnostic programs that will allow you to create highly functional and engaging presentations and dynamic user experiences audiences will love and pay attention to. 

IntuiFace is the leading multi-screen presentation program in the industry, aimed at helping even the most non-technical users create and make their own interactive presentations without the complexities of code writing. IntuiFace makes multi-touch and gesture/tag-driven environments easily accessible to businesses, regardless to the level of technical skills they have in-house. This feature-rich software is fully capable of producing simple, dual-display presentations for extended monitors or desktops as well as more ambitious presentations for huge display video walls and interactive display screens and kiosks. 

With IntuiFace, you can create natural, visually appealing, and dynamic, interaction-based experiences that users look for in modern presentations. No hardware limitation will hinder you from creating beautiful presentations and experiences with IntuiFace, as the program offers plug-and-play freedom with different devices and operating systems. Using the software is also as easy as dragging and dropping your native content, from graphics to 3D models, documents, images, videos, etc., and customizing them to match your needs using out-of-box widgets that makes it easier to link to other interactive features you wish to include.  IntuiFace is a highly intuitive multi-screen presentation software that can be used to create everything, ranging from dynamic retail kiosks to multi-media digital signs, 3D product displays, and fully interactive presentations that offer cutting edge appeal, endless capabilities, and functional depth.   

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