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Marketing Mix That Actually Works
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Marketing Mix That Actually Works
What marketing tactics provide a return on investment?

From online ads to billboards, there are a lot of advertising options out there. It can get overwhelming when you don’t know which options are best for your company and you don’t know where to start. When it comes to pouring money into advertising, you want to know that what you’re investing in will provide a return on investment. So, below, see our list of three options that are proven to work.


1. Email Lists


Email marketing is a great way to get potential clients to your site. You can either buy email lists of your target audience or build your email list organically over time by offering discounts for signing up or a contest incentive. Make sure to produce quality emails that don’t get thrown in the virtual junk pile. Giving insider discounts, or advertising an exciting new product offer gives people an incentive to open the email. Keep them there with a great layout, engaging graphics and a strong call-to-action. Make sure to include easy to find social media buttons so they can share with their family and friends.



2. Social Media Ads


People are on their phones for hours every single day. Most of that time spent on the phone is actually on social media! You can easily find potential customers and increase sales by creating social media ads on Facebook and Instagram with highly specific targeting options. Your ads should include beautiful images, a strong call-to-action, and link to current, up-to-date business social media pages.


3. Direct Mail


Traditional direct mail campaigns have not disappeared! They’ve gotten stronger and more effective over the years. The great thing about direct mail is now you have so many options to make potential customers feel valued. Attractive envelopes and fonts chosen for their effectiveness are now options. Some companies even offer handwritten letters designed so that they look authentic and visually appealing. Once you have a solid list in place, send out handwritten and professional letters, and see how high the ROI really is. Studies show the longer you send to a potential client, the higher the response rate becomes.


Try a mix of these traditional and digital marketing strategies and watch your business grow!

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