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Using Color Psychology For Direct Mail

Using Color Psychology For Direct Mail
Using Color Psychology For Direct Mail.


Most well-known companies have an intentional use of color psychology in the making of their logos and marketing materials. Research shows that punchy colors like red and yellow elicit strong emotions like love and happiness, respectively. The same color psychology used to make these highly effective logos and marketing can also be applied to your direct mail marketing campaigns. The following are tips broken down by color for using psychology well to make your mailers as effective as possible.



Banks, eco-friendly, and health-related agencies are known for using green in their advertising. It is easy to see the relationship between this color and financial prosperity and growth. The emotion elicited here is often of stress-relief. Using this color in relation to finances may be helpful in your advertising if you are offering a service that will promote financial security.



This bold color elicits an intense emotion ranging from excitement to urgency. If you want to catch someone's eye quickly, this is a great color to draw them into the mailer. Be sure not to overuse this color because it can quickly turn into strong negative emotions. You want your readers excited, not angry.



It evokes emotions that are cheerful and playful but are also associated with caution or anxiety. You don’t want to overwhelm your viewer with too much of a good thing and send them into a sense of caution, so make sure not to overuse this color.



Blue draws the viewer to a sense of calm and trust. You’ll notice this is a standard color used in medical offices, spas as well as insurance companies. If you’re using this color in a mailer, your goal would be to build trust with your audience. While it may not be best for drawing attention, mailer-wise, you may want to consider this for other aspects of your advertising.


A combination of yellows and greens may be most helpful. You want your readers to feel excited about the offer you’re making as well trust they could experience. The mixture of colors is an aspect to consider as you create your mailers. Use color psychology to your advantage to help communicate with your customers as best as you can. Help your recipients feel connected to your advertising by the simple use of proven data. 

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